Located in Dunbar Village, between Kitsilano and Kerrisdale. in Vancouver B.C.
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Vicki started her massage therapy career in Vancouver at Life Chiropractic and Massage, after graduating from Vancouver's West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2005. Vicki quickly established a thriving, client-friendly practice and, in January 2011, independently opened Massage Therapy on Dunbar. Vicki's goal is to offer the residents of Vancouver, Kitsilano, Kerrisdale and the UBC area a truly unique massage therapy experience. Vicki is pleased to offer every client professional care in a beautiful, relaxing environment.

Vicki believes that the combination of nutrition, exercise, and soft tissue release, through massage therapy, are integral aspects for maintenance of optimal health and balance to the body and mind. Vicki adapts every massage therapy treatment to each individual, helping to create this balance for her Vancouver clients.

Catering to individual massage therapy needs requires that Vicki call upon her wide range of massage techniques, acquired during her 3000 hours of intense training at West Coast College. She also implements the new variations that she learns through continuing education courses.

Vicki's focus is on Attachment Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and Deep Tissue Release, utilizing her elbows and knuckles when needed. While working with deep tissue, Vicki believes in applying pressure slowly, thus minimising discomfort and allowing the body to relax completely. Treatments range from specific work on chronic areas and injuries, to full body muscle, tension, and stress reduction.

"I love being a Massage Therapist in Vancouver, working one-on-one with people, helping them to feel better. It's such a pleasure and so gratifying for me professionally!" ~ Vicki Bell

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Shalan Davis is a highly experienced Registered Massage Therapist, who has been working primarily in the Vancouver massage therapy industry since 2004. She has treated a wide variety of clientele, from professional and Olympic athletes, to pre/post natal and regular clientele from all walks of life. Having always enjoyed sports and competition, Shalan decided early-on to choose a career that would help other people maintain their physical health through massage therapy. Becoming a Vancouver-based massage therapist not only allowed Shalan to follow her interest in athletics, but also led her to explore the role of the mind/body connection in healing. Pursuing a career that uses hands-on methods of healing was ideally suited to Shalan's interests and aptitudes.

Originally a kinesiology student, Shalan completed a 3.5 year massage therapy programs at West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver. This highly regarded institution gave Shalan a strong base of understanding and knowledge of working with the body and mind, to maximize the healing process. Shalan takes a synergistic approach to healing; incorporating the latest massage techniques, in addition to feedback from clients, to ensure that everyone she works with has a personalized treatment plan that best addresses their individual needs.

Shalan's main treatment types are myofascial, deep tissue release and trigger point work. However, other relevant techniques are used to maximise each session. She has a very strong established massage therapy clientele from residents of Vancouver, Kitsilano, Kerrisdale and the UBC area.

Above all else, Shalan's experience translates into fantastic results for clients with chronic muscle tension, poor posture, headaches/TMJ, sports injuries, circulation problems, digestive problems, anxiety, depression and much more



Megan is a graduate of the Utopia Academy of Massage Therapy, a well respected and rigorous 3000 hour RMT program. She is a dedicated, mature and passionate massage therapist who has gained experience by treating athletes, pre & post-natal women, patients with neurological disorders, life-threatening illness as well as those seeking stress and pain relief in their everyday lives. Megan’s approach incorporates various types of massage in order to tailor the appropriate treatment to each client. Her chosen techniques may include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue release, Swedish and muscle energy. When necessary, Megan will create an appropriate exercise program, to support the recovery process. To maintain her fitness level Megan practices yoga and enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, soccer, and walks in the woods with her dog. When she is not outdoors she enjoys cooking, music, travel, and time spent with family and friends. “Connecting with people and helping to improve their physical and/or emotional wellbeing is what makes massage therapy much more than a job… for me it is a vocation.” - Megan Fanning

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Bethany grew up in Kamloops, BC and studied English, Psychology, and Fine Arts at Thompson Rivers University before moving to Vancouver in 2010. She graduated from the 3000 hour program at West Coast College of Massage Therapy and is now a member of the College of Massage Therapists of BC. Bethany’s practice is focused on helping you return to pain-free life and optimal well-being. For this reason, she uses primarily Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy® (originated and trademarked by Armand Ayaltin, DNM, RHT, RMT) in all of her treatments. This therapy addresses the root cause of the vast majority of musculoskeletal problems, and releases layers of hidden and buried micro-traumas on both physical and emotional levels. Other techniques she may use include craniosacral therapy, active myofascial release, joint mobilizations, and yoga-based therapeutic exercises. Bethany is an avid yoga practitioner and also loves hiking and meditation in her spare time. Her dedication to her practices and love of life bring a smile to her face every single day


Amanda graduated from the 3000-hour program at Vancouver’s Utopia Academy in 2010. She spent years creating a busy South Surrey practice for herself before moving to Vancouver. During extensive travels around the world, Amanda developed her aspiration to help people achieve physical and emotional wellness. Every patient presents a unique set of symptoms and challenges; Amanda’s focus is on assessing and listening to her patients. Through this process, she creates an individualized treatment plan to alleviate symptoms and determine the root cause. Amanda is trained in pre- and post-natal massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, joint mobilization, deep relaxation to reduce anxiety, and other therapeutic techniques. When Amanda is not massaging, she is completing her Bachelor of Health Sciences degree through Thompson Rivers University. She also enjoys pilates, running and snowboarding. Whether it is helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle, or assisting your return to optimal performance, Amanda is committed to treating and educating every patient.

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Caroline Miyagi - Registered Massage Therapist - Caroline is a graduate of the 3000 hour program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy and is certified in Dr. Vodder’s Basic Course in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Committed to helping people, Caroline was drawn to massage therapy by her interest in offering a whole body, personalized approach to health care. Her skills include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue release, Swedish, and active stretching. Caroline’s goals in treatment are to promote positive changes in each patient’s health and well-being, and to educate them to become more aware of their body through home care stretching and exercises. She welcomes patients from all walks of life, and has experience treating a wide variety of conditions. Outside the treatment room Caroline practices yoga, enjoys rock climbing, and traveling abroad.


Kirsty is a graduate of the 3000-hour RMT program at Utopia Academy in Vancouver. Kirsty’s rigorous training, combined with her belief in regular massage therapy as an integral part of her own health and wellbeing, has instilled a passionate commitment to assisting her patients’ journey toward whole-body wellness. Kirsty’s approach to massage therapy incorporates deep fascial release, passive and active stretching, and trigger point therapy, while encouraging deep relaxation necessary for the body to heal. She treats the body as a whole and strives for a meaningful mind-body connection for her patients and herself. Kirsty works with patients recovering from, and coping with, chronic and acute injury and illness, as well as adult and adolescent athletes, pregnant mums, and patients seeking to maintain healthy bodies. Kirsty is experienced with patients living with life-long illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s. She also has assisted patients coping with anxiety, depression, and addictions. Kirsty loves spending time with her family and friends, and she supports her two sons’ sports activities and various other interests. An athlete for most of her life, Kirsty has competed in hundreds of road running races, including 5K, 8K, 10K, half marathons, and marathons. In order to maintain her own fitness she regularly enjoys running, cycling, yoga, and going to the gym. Kirsty also goes walking and hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and skiing in the winter.

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Clare Wheeler - Registered Massage Therapist - Clare discovered the effectiveness of massage first hand while she was working and travelling in Asia. Massage is beneficial for both the treatment and prevention of injury as well as general health and wellness. Inspired by these insights, she moved to Vancouver to study through the 3000-hour program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. After graduation, she started to practice in 2003. Each personalized treatment with Clare integrates a variety of different massage techniques, including myofascial and trigger point release, focused neuromuscular work, and Swedish. Additionally, when needed, she will familiarize clients with exercises or stretches to take home – helping to advance the treatment’s effectiveness. Influenced by her interests in Yoga, Pilates, fitness, and nutrition, Clare brings a compassionate, holistic focus to her treatments. She incorporates the mind and body to help clients achieve their health and wellness goals. When she’s not in the clinic, Clare can be found training with friends for homegrown Summer Sprint triathlons, kicking a soccer ball in the park, or making music with her boys. She also loves portrait photography and food – when she’s not taking photos of food, she’s eating