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Shalan Davis is a highly experienced Registered Massage Therapist, who has been working primarily in the Vancouver massage therapy industry since 2004. She has treated a wide variety of clientele, from professional and Olympic athletes, to pre/post natal and regular clientele from all walks of life. Having always enjoyed sports and competition, Shalan decided early-on to choose a career that would help other people maintain their physical health through massage therapy. Becoming a Vancouver-based massage therapist not only allowed Shalan to follow her interest in athletics, but also led her to explore the role of the mind/body connection in healing. Pursuing a career that uses hands-on methods of healing was ideally suited to Shalan's interests and aptitudes.

Originally a kinesiology student, Shalan completed a 3.5 year massage therapy programs at West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver. This highly regarded institution gave Shalan a strong base of understanding and knowledge of working with the body and mind, to maximize the healing process. Shalan takes a synergistic approach to healing; incorporating the latest massage techniques, in addition to feedback from clients, to ensure that everyone she works with has a personalized treatment plan that best addresses their individual needs.

Shalan's main treatment types are myofascial, deep tissue release and trigger point work. However, other relevant techniques are used to maximise each session. She has a very strong established massage therapy clientele from residents of Vancouver, Kitsilano, Kerrisdale and the UBC area.

Above all else, Shalan's experience translates into fantastic results for clients with chronic muscle tension, poor posture, headaches/TMJ, sports injuries, circulation problems, digestive problems, anxiety, depression and much more